Tuesday 11 August 2015

IMax B6 charger - not a fake!

So, this turns out to be a nice charger, but I didn't realise when I ordered it was that it is 11-18V DC input only, not AC. That kinda sucks!

I borrowed an old ATX power supply from James which got me by initially, but it's 11.3V with no load can easily dip below 11.0V under only 1.5A load and cause the charging process to abort. However, I've manaed to find a better power supply in another old PC in the loft that didn't go below 11.7V even when sucking 3.2A, although it's still not close to the 6A the charger is supposed to be able to deliver (and yes, the batteries claim to be able to be charged at up to 8A!) I'll try upping the power setting from 50W to the 60W maximum for the next charge.

Still, at least I know my charger isn't fake (I got a bit worried as it looks different to most of the B6 chargers available on ebay and hobbyking etc), as I checked the code on the holographic security sticker at SkyRC's website.

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