Tuesday 11 August 2015

A real crash

Looks like commentator's curse! No sooner had I said about not having had a real crash, I decided to try acro mode. Gave myself a lot of space and gave it a try, but... wel... it certainly doesn't behave like the "expert mode" on the Hubsan. If I'd had more sense, I'd have quickly flicked back into stabilise mode but instead I panicked and in seconds the quad had dug itself into the ground using one of the arms as a spade.

Total damage: one carbon fibre arm, 3 props, a cable ripped from the motor, and a very bent LED bar. A sad day. Compounded by the fact that I bought this model because it was supposed to be easy to get spares, but seemingly all the UK stockists have no stock of any of the components.

Fortunately, I discovered that the manufacturers website had the parts available at a reasonable price, so now I just have to wait 7-25 days to begin my repair job. Oh well, I guess I need to hurry up and order the bits for other build that I'd always planned to do in the background...

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