Friday 4 September 2015

FPV is awesome! :)

I ordered some FPV goggles which arrived a week ago tooday, but as I was ill I only tried them out in the house until I ventured out on Tuesday evening and attempted to circumnavigate a tree. I failed to make it round once!

After reviewing the footage and realising I was flying far too low, I went out again and managed 5 laps on my first attempt, before some dog owners came and got too close for comfort, so I retreated to another area and just practised handling for a bit. Until I landed in a puddle and ruined an ESC.

Last night, I fitted the replacement ESC and this lunchtime I had a practice on a fairly crowded field - 4 quads flying at once - and again this evening, when I had a glorious time with the field to myself and able to explore a bit knowing that absolutely everyone had gone home for the weekend. So, here's my footage of my first real FPV exploration:

The videos are all much the same, although by 6.30pm the sun was getting pretty low and on the return part of the lap it was getting pretty hard to see anything...

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